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Bluebid combats the unwelcoming path to homeownership

The Problem

An unwelcoming path to homeownership

The issues with today's housing market stem from the hassle, risk, and loss of privacy associated with listing a home for sale. It's why there is a 99% chance your dream home isn't for sale.

Even if they are curious, most homeowners resist testing the market because they don't want to deal with the headaches - and who can blame them?

Bluebid identifies potential new inventory for homebuyers and agents by combatting the underlying causes of homeownership's unwelcoming path - the hassle, risk, and loss of privacy that comes with listing.


The product creates a new lane for homeowners not actively selling, but with an interest in understanding their home's true worth and an openness to receiving buyer inquiries with zero obligation to sell.

The Hassle

Getting ready to sell your home is hard work, and it can take months - or even years. In order to command the highest price on the open market, you'll need to make repairs and declutter. You'll typically need to hire a real estate agent and start the search for your next home before you've even found a buyer.


The Risk

Selling can be scary, and for good reason. Preparing your home to hit the market can be costly and doesn't necessarily guarantee a successful outcome for owners. Price your home too high, and you run the risk of scaring off buyers and ultimately running into appraisal issues related to financing.


Loss of Privacy

Owners listing their home on the open market must keep the property ready to show at all times. As if the dreaded open house wasn't invasive enough, prospective buyers and their realtors will expect access to your home at a moment's notice, and the entire process is a matter of public record.


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