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Our mission to save the American Dream of homeownership is rooted in our core values:

Community, Integrity, Courage


We fight our battles together

Homeowners, homebuyers, our employees, and our Bluebid communities are all stakeholders in the fight to save the American Dream of homeownership. We are fiercely loyal to one another.

When the head and heart conflict, we trust the gut

The courage to make our own path fuels endless opportunities to do good.

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We ignore the noise

Others will celebrate fundraising, ideas, and metrics that don't matter. It's all noise. We celebrate results: waves of successful homeownership driving upward mobility.

We always push the envelope

Where others fall in line to accept the status quo, we test the limits in redesigning the pursuit of homeownership and the American Dream.

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A*sholes need not apply

We need energy givers to get where we are going, not energy takers.

The off-market housing platform

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