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The off-market housing platform

Test the market privately - without listing on the MLS.

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How It Works

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Claim your home

To get started, enter your address and verify ownership. Setting a price is optional, and the entire process takes seconds. 


Get expert advice

You receive a home value estimate when you claim, and a top agent with local expertise provides a detailed market report. This service is complimentary, and there's no obligation to work with the agent.


Receive DMs from buyers

Buyers can privately message owners who have set a price. We never share your contact information with buyers.


Sell on your schedule

Since we never publish price history or days on market, you have the freedom to wait for the deal that's right for you. 


Pay no listing fees

We're serious about saving the American Dream of homeownership. That's why BlueBid is 100% free to use for buyers & sellers.

No crowds, no pressure, complete control

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