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  • I'm new here. What is Bluebid Homes?!?
    Bluebid Homes is an off-market housing platform where owners and buyers privately explore deals - without the pressure of public days on market. Homebuyers privately pursue off-market homes they won't find anywhere else. Homeowners get off the sidelines and privately explore selling - without a shot clock. Our mission is ​to save the American Dream of homeownership, and our vision is a home for every qualified buyer.
  • Is claiming my home on the platform the same as listing it for sale?
    Not exactly. Bluebid is a different type of housing marketplace, and we're building our own ecosystem. We do not participate in traditional listing services, and homes claimed on Bluebid do not appear on other real estate websites. Active sellers set their price and privately receive inquiries from buyers and buyers' agents. Since we don't publish price history or days on market, sellers can wait for the deal that's right for them. Homeowners not actively selling - but with an interest in knowing their home's worth - can still receive direct inquiries without the invasiveness of a traditional sales process. No for sale signs, no open houses, no published days on market or price history. Owners explore deals on their own schedule. You can claim your home here: claim my home
  • How do I claim my home?
    You can claim your home on Bluebid Homes here: claim my home Claiming your home on Bluebid Homes means confirming you are the homeowner - or have the legal authority to act on the homeowner's behalf - and agree to abide by the company's terms of service. To claim your home, search for your address in the search bar and then answer a security question to confirm ownership.
  • Why should I claim my home?
    Active sellers should claim to explore selling privately - without the invasiveness (published price history, open houses, published days on market, etc.) and upfront cost of a traditional sales process. Homeowners not actively selling - but with an interest in knowing their home's worth - should claim their home on Bluebid to unlock estimates and become eligible to receive direct buyer inquiries without the invasiveness of a traditional sales process. No crowds. No listing fees. Complete control.
  • Can I search for homes on Bluebid Homes?
    Yes! You can search for any home located in the United States. If you're unable to find a home in question, please contact us.
  • Will Bluebid Homes share my contact information if I claim my home?
    We use owners' contact information to alert them to direct messages on the platform and legitimate inquiries from buyers and top buyers' agents.
  • Do I have to pay for any of this?
    Bluebid Homes makes money from licensed real estate agents, and there's typically no direct cost to buyers and sellers utilizing the platform. Notwithstanding the above, Bluebid Homes collects a platform fee equal to 1.25% of the gross sale price when successful sellers choose to work without a Bluebid-affiliated agent.
  • How does Bluebid Homes help agents?
    Bluebid offers real estate agents a new source of inventory and best-in-class referrals via its Preferred Agent Network. We believe it pays to have an expert by your side guiding you through one of the most important decisions of your life. That's why Bluebid partners with top agents, all of whom have been vetted based on market expertise, transaction volume, client feedback, and industry reputation. Are you a top agent in your market? Request a demo to explore the benefits of our Preferred Agent Network.
  • What is the 'Owner's Price' I see posted on many homes?
    The price at which the owner of a home would consider a private sale.
  • How often are new homes claimed?
    Daily! If you don’t see your dream home listed, be sure to set alerts and check back regularly. Have your eye on a specific home that hasn't been claimed by its owner? Select the 'Send Message' button, and we'll match you with a top agent to pursue a private sale.
  • What if I want to pursue a private sale without an agent?
    We believe working with a licensed real estate agent referred to you by Bluebid Homes puts you in the best position to get your deal across the finish line! In the event you do not wish to work with the qualified real estate agent we introduce you to, successful sellers pay Bluebid Homes a platform fee equal to 1.25% of the sale price.
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