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My Letter to Massachusetts Homeowners on Our Launch Day

Together, we are going to save the American Dream of homeownership

I grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts when some – back when they could afford to live there – called us Slummerville.

Thanks to a fair housing market, family and neighbors were able to banish that silly nickname.

They demonstrated that owning a home can absolutely pay college tuition, unlock enough borrowing power to endure tough times, finance weddings, fund retirement, and facilitate families’ most precious memories in a world that might otherwise have seemed stacked against them.

Those experiences are a big reason my passion for protecting access to homeownership – and its unique ability to drive upward mobility – runs so hot.

Of course, advancement fueled by homeownership is more than a Somerville story. It’s an American story – one that's in jeopardy due to scarce inventory and skyrocketing prices.

We are going to save it.

Before BlueBid becomes available in all 50 states, we are calling on Massachusetts residents to join us on our mission.

Together we will create a healthy housing market by empowering every homeowner and homebuyer to engage effortlessly. Both parties can privately explore off-market deals without the hassle, risk, and loss of privacy that come with a traditional sales process.

The result?

New inventory and greater access for all.

Massachusetts homeowners have the first opportunity to claim their homes on BlueBid today.

I claimed my home. Please join me and claim yours.


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