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Buyer Be Aware: Costs of Replacing Important Home Features

Know the life expectancy of major features in home before you buy

Finding your perfect dream home is hard. As a homebuyer, there is a long list of things you want in a home. Your home is a significant financial investment and the place you will spend a lot of your time, so you should get everything on your list! However, it is easy to overlook that some of your dream home’s features might have a shelf life that is rapidly approaching.

Unexpected home repairs or replacement of significant structural items can be expensive and stressful. Knowing and planning for when you need to replace key features in your dream home will save you money and anxiety. It also can help determine how much you want to offer for a home. Use this list as a guide for when key items will need to be replaced.

Bluebid Tip: Make sure to ask the owner about the major features in a prospective home, including the year installed or replaced and any upkeep or maintenance they have made.

Average Life Expectancy For Major House Features:

10 – 15 Years

  • Automatic garage door opener

  • Interior and exterior paint

  • Kitchen faucet

  • Aluminum windows

20 – 25 Years

  • Aluminum gutters

  • Asphalt driveway

  • Asphalt roof

  • Concrete shingle roof

  • Linoleum floor

  • Marble countertop

  • Sprinklers and valves

  • Vinyl door

  • Wood shutters

  • Wooden deck

30 Years

  • Aluminum downspouts

  • Wooden shake roof

  • Wooden windows

50 Years

  • Copper, concrete or slate roof

  • Copper gutters

  • Kitchen sink

  • Vinyl floor

100 Years – Forever

  • Chimney

  • Concrete foundation

  • Concrete waste pipes

  • Copper-plated electric wiring

  • Fiberglass, steel or wood doors

  • Fireplace

  • Wood floors

  • Wood, brick, vinyl or stone siding


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