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Considering a move to Hingham, MA?

About Hingham, MA

If you want to move to an idyllic town with a colonial history and be just a stone’s throw away from Boston, it’s time to start looking for Hingham homes for sale. Buying a home in Hingham allows for easy access to the metropolitan city life of Boston while still enjoying a suburban lifestyle, so get ready to fall in love with one of the best towns in Massachusetts. What can you expect from a new home in Hingham, MA? With a population of just over 24,000, Hingham is a sought-after Boston suburb located in Plymouth County on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

The city itself offers a suburban feel, and you’ll also find plenty of natural landscapes, rolling hills, and miles of serene coastline. Residents experience the full range of New England seasons, ranging from warm summers to cold winters, with vivid colors appearing each fall. Roughly four-fifths of the city’s residents are homeowners, and the area boasts a comparatively low poverty rate compared to national levels. More than half of the city’s residents have a postsecondary degree. Job opportunities extend to a range of industries, including healthcare, education, and technology. About a third of the population is single with no children, though the average age is 40, which indicates that there are plenty of opportunities for young and growing families.

Buying a Home in Hingham, MA

If you’re shopping for Hingham Homes for sale, you’ll generally find between 30 and 40 Hingham homes on the market at any given time. The median listing price is around $1.4 million, though in 2023, the median sale price was just over $1 million. The average home size in Hingham is roughly 3,000 square feet, though home types can range from ranch-style to colonial-style to options such as condos and townhomes. Most homes have between two and five bedrooms, which means there is a diverse selection of Hingham homes for sale. Popular neighborhoods include:

  • Crow Point

  • North Hingham

  • Beals Cove Village

  • Bradley Park

Over 400 to 900 realtors and real estate agencies operate in the area. As of October 2023, the average time to sell a house ranged from 26 to 34 days. Hingham is a great place to live and work, and with its proximity to Boston, it’s an excellent community for those looking to commute from outside the city. It’s no wonder that Hingham real estate is in demand.

Living in Hingham, MA

So what’s day-to-day life like in Hingham, MA? For starters, you’ll find plenty of job prospects. Local industries include retail, healthcare, and the tech sector. And if you take the 35-minute commute to Boston, you’ll find an even fuller selection of career options. Commuters will likewise discover that they have multiple transit options. Since Hingham is part of Greater Boston, residents have access to excellent rail, air, and highway systems. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) offers local bus, train, subway, and ferry services, including rail access to Boston on the Greenbush line.

Since more than half the population has a postsecondary degree, Hingham may be an ideal spot for educated professionals. Around 33% of residents are single with no children, which could make this a great spot for young singles — though families will also find plenty of housing options and quality schools. Families will be happy to know that Hingham has a highly regarded public education system. Hingham features 12 elementary schools, seven middle schools, and four high schools. And young families can also take advantage of seven different preschools, which ably serve the needs of families of all sizes.

Things to Do in Hingham, MA

Hingham is just a 35-minute drive from Boston, but you can also enjoy a range of activities without leaving the city. Residents have access to local parks, diverse restaurant options, and lively community events. Outdoor enthusiasts can experience the best of both worlds due to Hingham’s peaceful forest regions and spacious coastline. Wompatuck State Park is a 3,500-acre public recreation area with opportunities for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Meanwhile, World’s End is a coastal reservation with plenty of walking trails, while Hingham Harbor offers a beachfront area, band shell, and other seaside amenities. Head to Downtown Hingham to discover numerous boutiques, international dining, and cultural attractions. History buffs may appreciate such sites as Loring Hall or Old Ship Church, and you can learn more about the area at the Hingham Heritage Museum and Visitor Center.

The Launch at Hingham Shipyard is a redeveloped area featuring residential streets and seasonal activities. And over at Patriot Cinemas, you’ll find a modern movie theater complete with stadium seating. That’s to say nothing of the various community events that take place throughout the year, making this a great place to live and explore.

With a vast array of options for entertainment and activities, you’re bound to fall in love with the area’s geography and rich amenities — so perhaps it’s time to start looking for Hingham, MA, homes for sale today.


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