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Considering a Move to Wellesley, MA?

Wellesley, MA

If you’re considering a move to the Boston area, you might be on the lookout for Wellesley homes for sale. You’ll benefit from the proximity to the city while enjoying the suburban atmosphere and unique cultural features of the Wellesley community. Here are some things to know as you contemplate your next big move.

About Wellesley

Located 14 miles outside of Boston, Wellesley, MA, contains a population of 29,550 residents, with a population density of 2,902 people per square mile. Originally settled in the 1600s as part of Dedham, MA, Wellesley was incorporated as a separate town in 1881. Wellesley, MA, is part of the greater Boston area and is situated near other towns such as Natick, Needham, Weston, and Newton. Boston remains easily accessible by commuter rail. The town itself is famous for several educational institutions such as Babson College and Wellesley College. Wellesley College, a private women’s college, is regarded as one of the most prominent liberal arts colleges in the United States.

Overall, Wellesley offers a suburban vibe, with many coffee shops, local restaurants, and bars. The town is home to many professionals who work in town or commute to the Boston metropolitan area. Families can also enjoy the local school district and other amenities that make the community ideal for people of all ages.

Buying a Home in Wellesley

If you’re considering searching for Wellesley, MA, homes for sale, be advised that you’ll face a highly competitive market. The median sale price is currently $2.06 million, which is a bit higher than the typical sale price and 28% higher than the median sale price from just a year ago. Indeed, the Wellesley real estate market favors the sellers, with homes receiving an average of four offers. The average Wellesley home sits on the market for just 18 days. Buyers will find a variety of different types of Wellesley homes, ranging from single-family homes to townhouses and condominium units. A major factor may be what neighborhood you’d like to live in. Popular areas include the stately region of Cliff Road, the centrally-located Dana Hall, and the charming Cottage Street Historic District.

Living in Wellesley

What is day-to-day life like in Wellesley, MA? The job market in Wellesley is strong, with a growth rate of 4.3% and climbing. Finance and insurance remain the dominant industries within the town proper, though many professionals hop the commuter train each day for jobs in Boston. Families will be pleased to know that Wellesley contains a total of 10 schools serving 4,290 students. This is in addition to a selection of private and religious schools that families may also wish to consider. These features make Wellesley a great place to live for young professionals and Boston-area commuters. But it’s just far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of the city proper for families to thrive in a suburban atmosphere.

Things to Do in Wellesley

Living in Wellesley can be quite enjoyable for young professionals and families. Interestingly enough, Wellesley is historically known for being the first Massachusetts town to open a golf course — the Nehoiden Golf Course. And if you enjoy history, the Cottage Street Historic District is a great place to live and explore. Wellesley College features a number of cultural attractions, including the Davis Museum, which features a collection of art from around the world. The college also has extensive greenhouses containing diverse plant life. Wellesley, MA, offers a mix of chain stores, local shops, and restaurants, many of which are situated on the famous Wellesley Square with over 100 different businesses. If you enjoy diverse cuisine, you’ll find restaurants of every variety, ranging from Italian to Indian to Turkish fare. Most residents will also tell you about Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend, an annual town tradition celebrated each May. The weekend includes a pancake breakfast, military reenactments, live music, and the Veterans Parade. This tradition has been celebrated for roughly 50 years and can be great for all residents and families.

Shopping for Wellesley Homes

Wellesley, MA, is a competitive housing market, but the location is worth pursuing if you want to stay close to the city while enjoying a smaller, less hectic way of life.


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