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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Maintaining Your Home

Know the life expectancy of most items typically found in a home

As a homeowner, knowing and planning for when you need to replace appliances and other important items can save you money and stress. While some materials, like wood beams and hardwood floors can last forever. most other items have an expiration date. Use this list as a guide for when key items will need to be replaced.

Bluebid Tip: Make a list of the objects in your home, noting the year they were installed, and set aside money for their eventual replacements.


· 5 Years

o Carbon and smoke detectors

· 10 Years

o Dishwasher

o Freezer

o Garbage disposal

o Washing machine

o Water heater (gas or electric)

o Security system

o Wall unit air conditioner

o Microwave

· 15 Years

o Central air conditioning

o Dryer

o Electric boiler

o Electric furnace

o Range/ oven hood

o Range (gas or electric)

o Refrigerator

· 20 years

o Gas boiler

o Gas or oil furnace

o Tankless water heater

· 30 years

o Thermostat

House features:

· 10 – 15 Years

o Automatic garage door opener

o Interior and exterior paint

o Kitchen faucet

o Aluminum windows

· 20 – 25 Years

o Aluminum gutters

o Asphalt driveway

o Asphalt roof

o Concrete shingle roof

o Linoleum floor

o Marble countertop

o Sprinklers and valves

o Vinyl door

o Wood shutters

o Wooden deck

· 30 Years

o Aluminum downspouts

o Wooden shake roof

o Wooden windows

· 50 Years

o Copper, concrete or slate roof

o Copper gutters

o Kitchen sink

o Vinyl floor

· 100 Years – Forever

o Chimney

o Concrete foundation

o Concrete waste pipes

o Copper-plated electric wiring

o Fiberglass, steel or wood doors

o Fireplace

o Wood floors

o Wood, brick, vinyl or stone siding


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