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Common Home Photo Mistakes

Great photos are really important. They are the primary way a buyer can view and evaluate your home. They are also a wonderful way to highlight your home and show off amazing features and assets. However, there are common mistakes homeowners make in their photos that should be avoided.

  • The photographer’s reflection is in a mirror or window

  • Your pet or pets are in the shot (not everyone is an animal lover)

  • Ceiling fans are running

  • The Television is on

  • There are fingerprints on surfaces

  • The toilet seat lids are raised

  • Cars or other distractions are captured through windows

  • Unsightly items are in exterior shots, like electrical wires, dumpsters, or parked cars

  • Images of tiny rooms — leave out closets (unless walk -in), and other small rooms unless they have a unique selling point

  • Images of structural issues or unfinished rooms — if it’s mid-remodel, don’t include it in the photos

  • Vertical line distortion — this common mistake happens when you shoot images with your camera tilted up or down, making vertical lines bow in or diverge, and should be fixed in post-shoot editing

  • Using a fish-eye lens, which can portray an unrealistic sense of size


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