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Say Goodbye to Published Days on Market

Our mission at Bluebid Homes is to unlock inventory. We recognize that one of the significant obstacles limiting supply in the traditional marketplace is the pressure associated with Days on Market. By eliminating Day on Market, we aim to relieve homeowners of the risks and challenges that can come with unknown listing periods. At Bluebid, homeowners privately receive inquiries from potential buyers and we never publish Days on Market. We believe this provides homeowners more freedom to wait for the best deal that suits their needs. Below are five reasons to say goodbye to Days on Market.

Here are a few of the key benefits of eliminating Days on Market:

1. Reduced Pressure: Without the public disclosure of Days on Market, homeowners can list their property without the constant pressure of meeting a specific timeframe for selling.

2. Greater Flexibility: Homeowners have the freedom to wait for the right offer that aligns with their goals and expectations, without feeling compelled to make rushed decisions.

3. Perception of Freshness: Without Days on Market, the property can maintain a perception of freshness and appeal to potential buyers as if it were just recently listed.

4. Avoiding Price Adjustments: With no public record of Days on Market, homeowners can avoid the need for price reductions, which can be a drawback in the traditional marketplace.

5. Privacy and Security: Private inquiries from potential buyers give homeowners added privacy and control over the selling process.

At Bluebid Homes, we aim to empower homeowners with a more relaxed and strategic approach to selling their property while ensuring they can make informed decisions at their own pace.


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