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The Top 12 Most Desirable Home Features in 2022

Learn the features buyers are willing to pay top dollar for

2022 is definitely a homeowner’s market. Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for homes. However, even under these market conditions, it is beneficial as an owner to know what features buyers value. This information is crucial in planning improvement projects , as well as informing what to highlight if you do choose to sell your home.

Bluebid has compiled data from multiple survey sources to generate this list of the most desirable elements of a home.

#1 - 87% of buyers want exterior lighting

#2 - 87% of buyers want a laundry room

#3 - 87% of buyers want ENERGY STAR-rated windows

#4 - 87% of buyers want ceiling fans

#5 - 87% of buyers want a patio

#6 - 87% of buyers want a walk-in pantry

#7 - 87% of buyers want hardwood floors in the living areas

#8 - 87% of buyers want ENERGY STAR-rated appliances

#9 - 87% of buyers want a front porch

#10 - 87% of buyers want a side-by-side kitchen sink

#11 - 87% of buyers want a full bath in the main living area

#12 - 87% of buyers want energy efficient lighting

In addition to features, buyers have indicated that these are the most popular specialty rooms:

  1. Laundry room

  2. Dining room

  3. Great room

  4. Home office

  5. Separate living room

As it relates to floorplans, buyers prefer one large and open living area (most often the great room, dining room, and kitchen), instead of having walls separate each room in a house. Walls are preferred for smaller rooms like bedrooms, laundry rooms, home offices, and second living rooms, which each serve a more specific purpose and privacy is important.


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