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Claim your home

Stay informed with transparent estimates and private messages from buyers.

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Why claim your home?

Working from Home

Private, confidential messages

Review real buyer inquiries with zero obligation to sell. No for sale signs, no open houses, no published price history or days on market. Privately explore selling on your own schedule.

Personalized estimates

Receive ongoing market value estimates, and let buyers know the price (optional) at which you would consider a private sale.

No listing fees. No commitment.

It's 100% free to claim your home and message with buyers via Bluebid. You'll pay a platform fee of 1.25% only in the event of a successful transaction with a buyer from the platform.

Prefer to work with an agent? We'll waive our platform fee when you transact with one of our partner agents.  

No crowds. No pressure.
Complete control.

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