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Bluebid Buzz: June 29

The Bluebid Buzz is a regular summary of housing market news and data driving our decision-making at Bluebid Homes.

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are my own and not the views of my coworkers or anyone else. I am not a financial advisor, investment advisor, or housing expert. I’m just a guy who cares deeply about saving the American Dream of homeownership.

Here's the buzz for the week of June 29, 2023…

  • Home prices have risen for three consecutive months, new listings have fallen off a cliff, and both new construction and sales of new homes are surging.

  • This week's release from the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices shows the US housing market continues to strengthen, as home prices increased for the third consecutive month in April.

  • CNN points to low inventory keeping prices elevated, as limited supply creates intense competition.

  •'s monthly housing report for June shows new listings down a whopping 25.7% annually.

  • The New York Times notes home construction surged in May and prices have ticked up, even with interest rates at a 15-year high. The resilience has surprised some economists.

  • A recent report from Redfin shows a record 25.4% of house hunters are looking to relocate to a different part of the country as high mortgage rates make affordable areas more attractive.

  • Business Insider says new home sales surprisingly surged 20% in May, and the surge may have been fueled by a drop in prices for new-build properties.

  • Closer to home, agents in the South End of Boston have been abuzz over a record-setting sale in Union Park. As reported by, the single family home sold for $12.1 million in a private, off-market transaction. Top agents closing high-end deals disproportionally off-market is nothing new, and Bluebid Homes offers the experience to a new generation of buyers and sellers.

Have a great week.


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