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How the market values your home matters

CEO Chris Mackey's appearance on the 411k podcast touched on the importance of staying educated as a homeowner

Listen as Chris Mackey, CEO of Bluebid Homes, joins The 411k podcast to discuss how his team is building a more welcoming path to homeownership

The 411k is a podcast committed to empowering professional women by promoting financial literacy and wellness. Co-hosts, Katie and Katherine, love to ask the taboo questions to help take the fear and shame out of talking about money. In each episode, these ladies talk money, careers and equality with experts who share their lessons learned. Everything touches money which means no topic is off limits. Whether you're just starting the financial lessons missing from formal education or you're just trying to show yourself some compassion around money, this podcast is a place for you. Set aside 30 minutes a week for some financial lessons with The 411k to build a wealth of knowledge that's priceless.


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