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Own your home like a boss

As a homeowner, you are the CEO of your household. Act like it.


You are a successful CEO and business owner. After years of sacrifice, risks, investments, and reinvestments, you’re tired. The time has come to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

An IPO is out of the question. Your company is great, but it’s not Tesla. You know you've built something of meaningful value, however, and any number of qualified buyers would be lucky to acquire your business.

What’s your first move? Will you hang a for sale sign outside your office or schedule a corporate open house?

Of course not.

Like any responsible CEO, you made your first move years ago. Long before you had any serious interest in selling, you took time to privately educate yourself on how potential acquirers value your company. You warmly entertain unsolicited offers on an ongoing basis, even if only for long enough to hear the purchase price. You even outwardly signal (under the condition of confidentiality, of course) a willingness to listen to potential buyers with a vested interest in your company or industry. You don’t have an asking price because your business isn’t for sale, you tell them. But it might be someday.

Perhaps you meet the perfect buyer along the way – the buyer whose offer is beyond your wildest dreams and whose commitment to minimizing the headaches associated with selling can’t be ignored – and you pull the trigger right then and there.

More likely, you come away from each interaction armed with invaluable information. If or when you elect to pursue a traditional sales process, you do so confidently and with a desirable outcome all but assured.

No matter your chosen path forward, you rest easy knowing you have done what you can to position your business for a successful transaction when the time comes.

Why should you – the homeowner who has sacrificed similarly – be asked to risk more than the CEO by publicly stating an intention to sell before privately engaging with buyers? Why would any responsible owner forfeit a chance to find their dream buyer without the headaches that come with listing a home for sale?

As a homeowner, you are the CEO of your household. It's time to act like it.

Bluebid allows responsible homeowners to listen before they list, and we are here to fix the housing market’s illogical order of operations once and for all.


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