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Why we're launching estimates on Bluebid Homes

Today, we launched estimates. It’s exciting for our community of homeowners, and it might make some agents nervous.

While we ultimately believe your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, we recognize the need – and our users have been clamoring for – a new spin on home value estimates. Existing offerings tend to focus on top-line value, whereas our estimates will have a dual mandate:

  1. Serve as a starting point for owners to determine the current value of their home.

  2. Offer approximations of the fees associated with selling the home.

You’ve probably heard of the increasingly mainstream estimates online brokerages have – with varying degrees of success – been providing for homeowners in recent years. Most owners we talk with have already looked up their homes’ estimates online, and it’s a big reason nearly 200 million people are visiting Zillow’s sites each month in a country where only 6.9 million homes traded last year.

In our opinion, many of today’s estimates fail to tell the whole story. We are throwing our hat in the ring to help every owner develop a more complete understanding of their home's worth, the different options for selling the property someday, and the associated costs they can expect to incur along the way. As owners weigh their options, they really want to know how much they might profit from a transaction. Our goal is for Bluebid Homes to responsibly remove as much mystery from the equation as possible.

Over time, we’ll be positioned to consider offer data from our own platform in estimates as we work to continuously improve the offering. Of course, we want to hear from our users as well! Please don’t hesitate to contact us once you’ve had an opportunity to digest your new estimate. Our job here is never finished, but together we can unlock new optionality for homeowners and a more welcoming path for buyers.


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